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Englischkurs auf der Fraueninsel

August 29, 2012

Die Fraueninsel im Chiemsee ist immer eine Reise wert – bei jedem Wetter, zu vielen Gelegenheiten …

In diesem Jahr wollte ich einen Englisch-Auffrischungskurs besuchen. Da ich ja häufig mit meinen Atemseminaren zum Arbeiten auf der Fraueninsel bin, wusste ich vom Englischkurs mit Sharon Slager auf der Insel. Warum nicht mal als Teilnehmerin auf die Insel fahren?  Gesagt, getan!

It was a group of 12 ladies. Some of them joined the course first time – as I did. Some others knew each other from earlier studies. The level of the group was Pre-Intermediate, but some could speak english rather fluently. I thought, I just needed to activate my vocabulary. But very soon I understood, that my grammar also needs to brush up. And I received the message that it is better to try out my English than to worry about mistakes.

Sharon did a very good job. We had a special training for grammar, vocabulary and structured speaking exercises. Everybody was invited to speak english as much as possible.

Sometimes Sharon seemed to be an actress, when she explained some words or meanings. With total physical response it was an easy and humerous learning.  And we all had so much fun.

After all now I’m reading all my english literatur I safed from my stay in London many years ago. I’m very happy, how easy it is to understand. And I take my chance to speak english as often it is possible.  I am sure, this was not my last course with Sharon.

Even though Sharon is a native speaker of English, she uses no accent that is difficult tu understnd. So, if you need any help: Sharon Slager is the right adress.


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